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AANA Garners National Media Attention

In 2012, over 40 abortion restrictions were passed across the country.  When you add that to the 60 abortion restrictions passed in 2011, you see a very bleak picture of what reproductive healthcare looks like in the United States.  Arizona, however, tops the list of states with the harshest laws pertaining to women’s health.  This year the legislature passed a bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.  This bill will force many women to travel out of state to obtain healthcare services, which will drastically increase the cost of their abortions.

Arizona’s legislation is so bad that our state has garnered national media attention.  Thankfully, so has Abortion Access Network of Arizona.  In October, AANA’s work was featured on the Rachel Maddow show, as well as in Bloomberg’s Business Week.  Carrie Klaege, one of AANA’s founders, told Rachel Maddow that “abortion is legal [in the state of Arizona], but when you have to travel 300 miles to get to a clinic that provides the services you need, you don’t really have access.”  [Read more...]